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How to Record Your Android Phone Screen With and Without Root


People record their Android phone screen for variety of reasons. They record it for educational purposes as video tutorials, some record to report any issues on their phone, and some of them record for fun. Recording with root If you…
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How to use all Android Applications on a computer


With the advent of technology, it has become easier to use machines. Smartphones that run on Android is helping making life and business easier. Even though there are iOS, and Windows phones, Android is the most used on handheld devices,…
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Easy guide to maximizing your phone RAM


Everybody has a smartphone these days, and some have a smartphone for quite a while. If you have a smartphone, and optimally use it, you tend to download a lot of data into your device thus slowing down the device,…
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Merging multiple contacts on Android


Android phones can sync contacts from Google, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other sources. Sometimes other than the phone number of a contact that you have stored, you may find their Skype, Twitter and LinkedIn information, email id, phone…
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Enabling Guest Mode on Android Lollipop 5.0 & Above


Smart phones have made it easy to store your information on your phone with ease. With it comes certain concerns of information theft. People who use your phone can easily go through your information, and forward it to their own….
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How to access your android device after pattern lock has failed


A Smartphone is a personal device. If someone successfully bypasses your android pattern lock combinations, then they can get easy access to all information stored inside your Smartphone, such as your shopping data, internet history and other confidential data then…
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5 ways to restrict and monitor data usage on Android


Internet is something that we can’t live without. But people these days are stuck with limited data plans on their Smartphones. There is always a risk of running out of data when you most need it. Besides, no one wants…
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5 ways to maintain privacy on WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the most preferred messaging platform across the globe with over 700 million monthly active members. We tend to exchange large volumes of personal data such as our personal documents, bank details, photos, videos etc. on daily basis. This…
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Top 5 Android apps for general knowledge


Today’s world demands awareness of every level if you want to stay ahead in your career and education. Any person who is knowledgeable and well informed is respected everywhere. Especially if you are aiming to prepare for competitive examinations, then…
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