4 Best Android Apps for News and Magazine lovers

It is indeed very important to keep in touch with what is happening around you and in the world that you live in. It not only helps you live life in the present but also helps you climb forward towards your goals. Knowledge is the key to creation, and a lot of us need a lot of daily dose of news to keep up with our work or our goals. It’s not really easy to watch news every day when your work timings are as bizarre as the weather in your country. So we have curated a list of apps, dedicated to news on science, media and military to help you enrich your daily lives.

1 . Futurism

It is one of the really good, but less known apps (for some reason) to have for all those who love to keep in touch with latest news and magazine headlines.

You have you tube web view and can see the trending articles and topics lined up for you. You can save topics you want to read it later. It is user friendly and simple to use. It is basically a useful app which gives you a curated feed of the top daily scientific break trough’s and tech innovations.

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futurism_news_app_for_android2. Latest space news

A news app developed by loop81. Are you a space geek or someone who loves the starry sky and everything that it contains? Then this app is your favourite one in your phone.

It gives news feed from various top notch resources like ESA, NASA, CNES, DLR, ROSCOSMOS,SNSB,SRON,UK space agency etc. if you are wondering what are these, they are the top space agencies and research centres of countries like America, Canada, France, Russia, Germany etc.

It is a dynamic app and keeps you updated by notifying you of anything new that happens. You have an option of using either the built in browser or your personal one.

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3. BBC News

An app developed by one of the top developers of news channel well known across the globe, that is, BBC private ltd.

It brings to your phone, the latest news from all those spectacular journalists dedicated to BBC. You can choose your type of news, which is, that this app offers you to choose your liking or genre of news. Personalisation of news helps you save time while you’re reading through what is important to you.

It is a smart app; it presents you new stories based upon what has been your interest lastly. Topic search option lets you find what you are looking for immediately. It also works offline. You can watch videos either through cellular network or through Wi-Fi.

Screen layout helps you choose layout as per your phone and liking. A must have for the avid reader in you.

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4. Defense News

A dedicated defense related news app developed by sight line media.

What does it offer? It gives you a detailed picture of what is happening at the defense front of the countries across the globe.

To add on, it improves the value of what you are watching or reading by providing you with all the important defense policies, politics and legislation.

It also presents you with the worldwide development of defense systems and strategies. You can view interviews with defense personnel and leaders and also understand the military budget.

You can write about what you read and share your views and comments through social media sharing. A really good app for people to update themselves about their defense system.

Click here to download Defense News from Play Store >


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