4 Top Rated Google Maps Alternatives For Android


Navigation can make your life a lot easier in today’s world. But using the right apps is what makes the difference. We use these navigation apps from day to day life while walking or driving. Android users have the benefit of selecting from wide range of navigation apps. We have sorted out 4 best Google Maps alternative apps for navigation that you can consider downloading in your Android device –

1. CoPilot

The second best alternative after Maps is CoPilot. A popular choice amongst users, this app has over a million user downloads. It is rated well at par with freebie apps like Google Maps.

Though this app comes at a price of $7.99, but this price is once and for all payment that you need. If you see the price versus advantages ratio, you would know that the advantages are way more than the cost it carries.

The few best advantages of the app are its offline download feature, it comes with least updates (unlike Google Maps which asks for an update every few weeks), it finds you traffic free routes, and many others. The free download feature is a good option when you are on a lonely or remote trip, or while you are on solo backpacking trip.

The conclusive point that is very advantageous from CoPilot is the rerouting advantage of the app if you take a wrong route.

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2. MapQuest: Maps, GPS and Traffic

The brand name BrandQuest started as a website few years back and with growing demand of smart-phones and equally growing demand of the website, MapQuest made its place to the app markets. With accentuating usership, the app has made a place amongst the top Android navigation apps.

This app is simple, easy-to use, and the good part is that with no time you become familiar with the app.

Along with rerouting feature, the app also offers live traffic updates enroute. And if you are travelling to an unfamiliar location, the app will pin point nearby gas stations on the way. And, you would not need to depend on strangers for help.

MapQuest has live vector maps and integration with Uber and car2go. Users can access updated satellite imagery, share ETA and location as well as book hotels nearby or get assistance if your car accidentally breaks apart from its usual navigation features.

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3. Sygis: GPS Navigation and Maps

Are you looking for an all rounder, all in one android navigation app? Then, Sygis is the right answer!

There are many features that the app offers such as voice guided directions indicating smallest turns as well, redirection of routes if you take wrong turns, indication of the appropriate speed limit for particular routes, etc. But the added advantage is its swift usability and amazing user interface. The app takes very less space on your device as compared to other ones like CoPilot that bigger size.

Though it’s a perfect app for basic use and is available for free, but if you are looking for more features, the app has in app purchases for that.

But overall the app is a top choice of users around the globe for its feasibility, probably that accounts for its more than 50 million user downloads.

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4. Polaris Navigation GPS

Last but definitely not the least among Android navigation apps, Polaris is a very brilliant one. Unlike other apps, Polaris uses other apps to deliver the users the specific features they like.

For instance if you like Google Maps, you can access the same through Polaris or if you prefer some features from MapQuest you can do this through it as well.

The app promises itself a great alternative or backup against GPS of your phone. It keeps you oriented and on the right track while you are on an adventurous trail in a lost city.

The app has speedometers, odometers as well as chronometers making it a very powerful navigation app. You can simply draw a trail and it is easy to navigate it. You can even trail altitude profiles, share location by SMS or email, manage the trail and get military coordinates through the Military Grid Coordinate Reference System (MGRS) feature.

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