5 android apps for Olympics 2016 lovers


While we belong to different nations and speak different languages, sports and sportsmanship brings all of us together. The niche of sports is observed in Olympics through a lot of athletes competing for the honour of their country and to prove their metal. Youngsters as well as retired people love watching sports of various kinds. Keeping in mind the adrenaline fever this Olympic Season we have listed the best of apps developed for sports lovers, specifically Olympics 2016.

1. The Olympics: official app.

What would you find in this official app? Discover the records and outcomes of all the games and athletes. Take yourself on a euphoric trip as you watch all the greatest photos and videos through the Olympic timeline. It always excites an individual to be able to enjoy what he or she loves with utmost ease, let it be food or Television, such apps help us get happy.

 Keep a tab on your favourite sports person or game. Find everything that makes you curious about Rio 2016 or all the high spirited Olympic moments from history. Carry Olympics in your phone!


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2. Rio 2016: join the club!

Multilingual support lets you read and watch your favourites in languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, mandarin, Japanese and Korean. This app is a real time companion for those who love to keep a tab on their sports every minute. It helps you with a spectator’s guide. So if you are there in Rio and want some help, then you have this app at your service free of cost.

 It keeps you posted and engaged with play by play results and real time medal tables. All of this accompanied by great photos and videos. If you are a diehard Olympic fan, this is definitely your app.


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3. Sport TV Rio 2016: TV on phone.

You will encounter this app in Spanish language but can get it all translated to English. SporTV gives you 56 live channels as you subscribe. It also helps you with medal tables. You can see all of it whenever you want and to add more to your emotions, you can leave a review as well. Quite interactive, isn’t it?

It shall notify you so that you do not miss out on any of those exciting matches and moments. It gives 14 SporTV channels to all its users. it has got a dedicated video collection of the Brazilian athletes. An app best suited for the Spaniards and SporTV lovers.


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4. Rio Gold-2016: live the summer games fever!

With almost 10,500 athletes from over 200 plus Athletic communities and 28 sports to be played from the 5th august 2016 to 21st august 2016, this app gives you detailed information and the pleasure of watching it all on your phone. Just to let you know, this is not the official Rio 2016 app but is nevertheless any less.

It lets you manage the results and medal tables with ease. You can watch the live stream and also keep your favourite ones to watch a little later. Keep this app in your phone to experience the best of summer Olympics 2016.


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5. Rio Games-2016: Olympian Database

Do you like discussing what you like and what you don’t about a sport that you love to watch? Then this app is your best friend. No, it won’t talk back to you but will do much more. Apart from the detailed medal standings and the Rio 2016 schedule, the Olympian database will give you a detailed insight by comparing past and recent similar or relevant events in Olympics.

Within a few clicks you will know all about the past and present of all the games you love to watch and play. I love it personally.


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