5 Best Android Apps For Your Little Learners

Kids these days love to spend time on smartphones. In fact, learning can be great fun through smartphone apps by combining them with your little Einstein’s curiosity. There are number of interactive apps that can help your child learn through new things, practice math, play games that increase their focus and much more. We have sorted out 5 best apps for Android that will develop your little one’s brain performance and overall IQ –

1. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is developed by Google and aimed at younger sets. The app contains interactive videos into four categories – Music, Shows, Learning and Explore. You can even watch it on TV with Chromecast or game consoles.

Kids can enjoy online hit shows in the area of sports, crafts, gaming etc. The app is fully tailored to suit the needs of kids which mean there is no use of inappropriate language or other weird stuff on normal version of YouTube. Everything is kid-friendly here.

Parents can also set time limit on watching by using certain settings and also delete the search history. To make learning interactive, you can explore videos perfectly suited for your curious kids to make them understand things in easy and fun mode.

The education videos are the best catch of this app. The buttons and navigation is also customized as per your kids so that it is easy to use the app.

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2. Endless Numbers

This app is a follow-up to the Endless Alphabet app. The app is great for inculcating early numeracy learning in your little ones. Your kids are definitely going to love the interface and especially the adorable characters of the app.

The app covers a good section of number concepts on sequences, quantity, number recognition and numerical patterns. There will be played a cute video clip with little monsters that will narrate the story of each number.

Your kid is going to have a blast interacting with the numbers. As your kid learns about a number, he can drag them and squish their eyes. The animations add a delighting experience. Your kids’ basic numeracy skills will be built and they can learn at their own pace on the app.

The kids can learn how to count and recognize numbers with the help of adorable Endless animations.

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3. Flow Free

Looking for an Android app to keep your child’s brain sharp? You can pick Flow Free without any second thought. The app is a simple puzzle game designed to increase brain activity and focus.

It comprises of over 1500 puzzles that are absolutely free. Your kid will love the colorful graphics and it will naturally make him glued to it. Free Flow, as the name suggests, is all about creating a flow by connecting matching pipes. The key is to pair the right colored pipes to solve a puzzle in this app.

You can select from simple games to more challenging ones and then those with middle difficulty level. The sound effects are also fun. You can also opt for bunch of add-ons to make it more interesting. It is nothing like an ordinary game and hence a perfect app to give your kid’s brain an interesting and fun break.

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4. World Atlas

If you are one travel savvy parents and your kid is equally interested in knowing about the world, then this one is the best in the market of Android apps. World Atlas contains information about every country on the planet for your little one.

Your child can imbibe that knowledge with the interactive interface and some smart features such as easy navigation. In fact, it is the best app for knowing the complete geographical information about a place, even better than what your kid will get through Wikipedia.

It covers over 260 countries around the world along with 230 capitals, making it a complete resource of information. You can access travel info, weather info, demographics of a particular location as well as their flags.

The fun quizzes and satellite street maps will transform learning to a new level. It also covers the Olympics data of countries.

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5. CK-12

This app is best suited for kids studying in elementary classes to those in fifth grade. It is a fun app for kids that cover the concepts of math and science. The app boasts a comprehensive library of thousands of quizzes and concepts. You can search anything related to algebra, probability, geometry, calculus, life sciences, earth sciences, physics, biology etc by keyword. The performance of kids can be tracked and improved further with progress reports.

The best part of the app is the simulations that are very interactive. Also, your kids can learn through the videos or by interacting with real world groups.

To keep the performance statistics handy, it is best to sign-in with your Google account. The app is full of smart features and though you might not seem to agree with it by looking at the interface but the app delivers wonderful learning experience.

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