5 best note-taking Apps for Android

Every now and then, the need arises to note-down something or to remind ourselves later on. The days when we used to keep a small notebook are long gone. Our smartphones are our sole companion in our everyday chores, even when it comes to taking down notes. The modern day note-taking apps are a way ahead in everything. The notes can be shared, arranged in order or your choice and even they remind us for something important if we happen to forget. The whole note-taking game has been taken to another level with these Android note-taking apps. We tested a few of them to present you the 5 best ones that you must have in your Smartphone –

1. Evernote

If you are looking for a single app with multiple functions, then Evernote is for you. The simple and clean interface is something that you catch your eye. It has multiple features, despite that you can easily navigate through the app.

It is a great app for business purpose as well. From casual note-taking to high-end use, it appeals to everyone. You can create to-do lists in it and save all sorts of note in one place. You can share your notes with your colleagues by simply attaching the notes and sending them via email or other social media channels.

The app is a versatile one, that’s why it enjoys top ranking because of its huge popularity among users. You can sync it with all your devices like mobile, tablet, Android Wear etc. The smooth interface is an added bonus. You can even attach picture and other documents with your note.

Click here to download Evernote from Play Store >

evernote_note_taking_app_for_android2. One Note

One Note is developed by Microsoft and is comparatively an older app. Since then, it has added certain impressive features and updates to make it your go-to note taking app. The app is loaded with advanced features such as recording audio and video.

Whether you are looking for a casual note taking app or something advanced, it can be used by a newbie and a pro with equal ease.

The best thing about One Note is its easy integration with MS Office. This is why it is favored by many professionals. If you are making your travel itinerary, you can add pictures, websites and other information in just one click.

It is not limited to simply taking notes. You can enjoy its various multimedia features making it one of the most advanced apps for notes. Also, if you are in no mood to type, you can save your note by simply drawing or adding one. Free-storage space is like icing on the cake.

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onenote_android_app_screenshot3. Google Keep

If you are more into making lists of tasks and need to remember them at certain intervals of time in a day, then Google Keep will be your best bet.

The app is one of the best apps for organizing things and managing them effortlessly. Developed by Google, the app is a huge hit among its users for its simple but useful features. The other added bonus is that it can sync with your Google account through Google Drive. So you can easily ass notes to your doc files or spreadsheets. Also, you can access them from any device through cloud.

Most of the organizations prefer Google Drive to keep track of tasks. In this case, Google Keep will be a perfect addition. Not only it will enhance your productivity but also gives you the ease to access your notes from anywhere regardless of the device.

Click here to download Google Keep from Play Store >.

google_keep_note_taking_app_android_Device4. Monospace

If you are a fan of minimalism and want a simple note-taking to use every day, then Monospace is the app designed solely for simplicity. It is relatively a new app in the market. The interface will take you back to 90s with Windows file folders coupled with Android functions.

You can easily create a note in the app by clicking on new button. You can make folders to save your notes or let the app do it for you. Once you hit save, your note will be saved with time and word count information.

You can export your notes any time in your desired folders or create new ones. But don’t underestimate its simplicity. It can sync with your Google drive but that will require you to have Pro account on it which costs around $5. Above all, it is a fuss-free app for daily notes reminders with proper organization in form of folders.

Click here to download Monospace from Play Store >

monospace_note_taking_app5. Simplenote

If you are neither a corporate honcho nor a professional and simply looking for a light-weight app where you can jot down your daily ideas, then head over to Play Store to download Simplenote. This app is great for those who love no-fuss apps.

The functionality of the app is extremely simple and up to the mark. In terms of size, the app is of 4.5 MB which makes it a great app with no mess or unnecessary clutter.

You can simply note down your ideas in it by typing in your notes, it is as simple as that. The interface is neat. You can share your notes with your friends and even add tags.

If you want to back up your notes, you can create a Simplenote account. After that you can even access them on web.

It is probably the coolest app as you can even set up a security PIN to make sure your ideas remain personal. Great for people who like to scribble all the time.

Click here to download Simplenote from Play Store >


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