5 Best POS Apps For Android You Can Rely On


Android has some of the amazing apps for Point of Sale (POS) to process sales and orders efficiently for small and big businesses alike. These apps can be used on Smartphones and tablets to replace your cash registers. The POS apps are best for the retail management and are preferred by restaurants, mobile businesses and retail stores.

The POS Android apps are convenient solution for cashiers and salespersons for their ease of use and portability. We have tried and tested some of the best POS apps for Android to sort the 5 best POS apps for you –

1. TabShop

TabShop can be used to organize your stock of products, keep track of the sales and print sales invoices, all in a few easy clicks. The user interface is very elegant and modern. You can integrate Google Spreadsheets with it.

You can check out with Bitcoin, PayPal and Stripe directly through it. The app is excellent solution for POS management for shops, restaurants, Etsy stores as well as your home based businesses. Support for Bitcoin and Stripe credit card payments is offered. It lets you scan QR and EAN codes, create invoices with a unique invoice number and use local or manual currency.

Best features –

  • Track and send invoices with Google spreadsheet
  • Stores data in local database of your device to work even when the network is down
  • PayPal, PayPal Here, Authorize.net support
  • Print PDF invoices
  • Customizable currency
  • Accepts multiple credit cards with PayPal Here support

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2. Pozool

It is popular for its light and intuitive interface. The highly customizable design lets you create or add product categories. You can even upload images of a menu for your customers if you are using it for restaurant business.

The app lets you add tax information for billing, make tipping record, set selective discounts using its discount module or facilitate customers to split the bill.

Any feature can be customizing to fit your business needs. In fact, you can set weekly discounts or do special customization for special days. The app works excellently for food businesses. It lets your staff to take orders efficiently and stay more organized.

The receipts can be printed and integrated with the Google Cloud. The app is available free of cost without any ads.

Best features –

  • Filter reports by date or sales or top items.
  • Edit order after being placed
  • Image, tipping and tax modules

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3. Square Register

It has everything you need to run your business – record cash, track payments, let customer pay, tip or sign right on your device, send invoices and much more. The product categories can be customized and even discounts and refunds can be applied on them.

The real-time sales data can be tracked through it. Also, you can integrate it with your Square Reader to read your debit or credit cards. The receipts can be sent over email or as text messages.

It works seamlessly with connected printer, bar code reader or cash drawer.

Best features –

  • Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover is accepted
  • Lets you record cash, gifts etc
  • Works with Square magstripe reader
  • Detailed analytics about your business
  • Real-time tracking
  • One-stop all for all POS solutions

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4. POS System – Cash Register

The Point of Sale Cash register has an impressive user interface and an excellent replacement of cash registers. The app is widely used in restaurants and small businesses for its striking features.

It will manage the planned assortment of your goods with allocation of 300 buttons, lets you add and customize buttons, choose different colors for different products and more. Especially in the food business, the app is perfect for its intuitive interface and can turn your Smartphone or tablet into fully functional cash register.

Best features –

  • Easily connects with Bluetooth or printer for invoice prints
  • Allocation of products using colors
  • Switching between apps is smooth
  • Easy tax calculations

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5. My Inventory

If you are looking for a quick inventory, then this is the best app to use. The app has neat user interface. It lets you add products in the inventory under different attributes such as name, type, location etc. In fact, you can create your own list of inventories and sort them out as per your choice.

The inventories can be exported to excel and you can make quick reports on it. The free version has frequent ads displayed while the paid version is free from them.

Best features –

  • Smooth and streamlined stock management
  • Create, customize or sort inventories
  • Auto-fill features works excellently for reports
  • Export the inventories in xml or csv format
  • Color of the app can be customized
  • Bulk scan products to follow up check-in entries

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