5 Essential Android Travel Apps For Your Next Big Trip

Are you a frequent flyer or a travel lover? If your answer is in yes, then you must have travel apps to help with your travel plans. There are tons of travel apps for Android that will help prepare your itinerary, do hotel booking and add trips to your calendar to keep you organized before your next big trip. If you are looking for some of the best ones for your Android smartphone, let us suggest you starting with the 5 best travel apps –

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one stop destination for the best flight deals around the world. It is an app every traveler swears by. Whether you are travelling locally or internationally, all you need is to enter your search query in this little app and it will return the query with the cheapest flight options available.

Skyscanner has very simple and intuitive interface. It is user-friendly app that if once used, will be your go-to app for the cheapest flight searching. You can sort the results as per your budget and also access further information about the airlines partners. You can book your flight directly through the app and also find out the upcoming flight deals. Whether you are planning your dream vacation or just browsing through flight, Skyscanner is the app you got to use. The best thing is that it is available for free on Play Store.

Click here to download Skyscanner from Play Store >


2. XE Currency

The biggest challenge in a new country or location is to find out the current currency rates. You can’t really rely on foreign exchange vendors in a new city. If you need to know how many ringgits your dollar is worth while you are in Kuala Lumpur, then obviously you need a trusted agent. How about an app that can do so in a jiffy?

XE Currency is the perfect solution for you. The app has very simple interface and is quite easy to use. The app is developed by XE.com, one of the most trusted currency exchange sites. The app is reliable in a foreign land and gives you instant result.

The best thing about the app is that it updates its rates every minute. This makes it the most credible app for exchange rate information. If you got no internet, that is no problem at all. The offline mode facilitates you to check using the saved data.

Download XE Currency from Play Store >


3. Duolingo

Imagine yourself in a foreign land where you got signboards only in their native language which you are not familiar with. You can’t ask for help because people don’t seem to understand your language. How to surpass the language barrier? If you have Duolingo, then you don’t have to worry about that.

Duolingo is basically a language learning app. This free app boasts great interface and is very light to use. You can learn how to speak, practice, learn as well translate phrases, sentences and words in one click.

The app has over 60 million Spanish subscribers who are learning to speak English. You can quickly learn a couple of new sentences and phrases and learn how to speak, read and write new languages. It is a great go-to app when stuck with language barrier problem. Especially the language courses are very interactive and quick to learn on Duolingo.

Click here to download Duolingo from Play Store >


4. Tripit

Tripit is a free Android app that assists you in planning your trip. Many times we need to keep our complete travel information to be well organized and at one place. Tripit will do that for you by storing all your travel plans. It can take the information about your flight booking, travel itinerary and others from your mail box and store it at one convenient location.

You can even add your trips to your calendar on it. Also if you want to share your travel plans with your friends or family, you can do so in one click. What sets Tripit apart from other apps is one of its smart features. If there is any chance of your flight getting delayed, it will inform you at the instant. If there is any subsequent change in the flight status or even gate information, then it will keep you updated. Besides, if you want to get rid of annoying ads, then you can go for its paid version for just 99 cents.

Click here to download Tripit from Play Store >


5. Airbnb

Airbnb is worth trying if you are budget traveler. The app offers detailed information about private hosts who are willing to offer place for stay in over 34,000 cities around the globe. You will get it all on Airbnb, whether you are looking for a villa with pool and hot tub or just sharing room with another fellow traveler. In fact, Airbnb is great app for alternate experience during travel.

The interface is sleek and neat. You can search about a place to stay in your choice of location. When you hit on search, it will return you with a list of options which you can sort out by applying some filters. Airbnb will help you find your choice of accommodation within your budget.

All the details about the property will appear along with pictures, amenities, features, price and the complete address. You can make your selection as well as talk to the host directly.

Click here to download Airbnb from Play Store >


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