5 Really Cool Android Wear Apps You Must Try


Technology is for the betterment of humans and their lives. While we are always in a hurry to make the most out of our daily lives, we tend to forget to keep a check on our health. We go to the gym when we see that we need to lose weight. It is very human to react to what is visible. There are other things that we tend to overlook because we don’t really see them. Like drinking enough water, eating the right food at the right time. Along with this while we are so occupied with our 9 to 5 jobs, well, most of us, we do not find time to know what is happening around us.

Now I wish I had a boss who will let me watch television in office! But that is not a reality. So how do we live right with all this hassle? Well, my answer to this problem is, open your phone and download these apps. Which apps? I have curated a list of very simple but effective apps to help you take care. Yes, you need to take care. All the apps listed below can be found on Google play and are free to download.

1. Calm

Calm down with this amazing android wear. It is a mind and body relaxing app and is free to install. Definitely, a recommendation if you want to test how meditation works out for you before you enrolls yourself into meditation classes and workshops. It is user friendly with easy to understand instructions (no rocket science).

It has calming serene natural photographs with background music (birds chirping, rainfall, river water gushing, and breeze).Use it to fight anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, negativity and also build self-esteem. You can use 7 days of calm program to start with. There are paid and unpaid, guided and unguided sessions as per your requirements. My experience was amazing as when I first installed the app, I was expecting average results.

I tried it for three minutes and stayed relaxed for the rest of the day at work, nearly 6 hours! It works. Go for it, use calm for a calmer you. Happy CALMING DOWN.


Download Calm from Play Store Now! >

2. Water Drink Reminder – Keeps you hydrated.

Human body consists 70% water and even the blood contains plasma which comprises of some percentage of water molecules or ions. Water acts as an electrolyte and also keeps the toxins out of the body. Doctors always suggest their patients regardless of what illness they suffer from, to drink adequate water.

In this fast paced world, we tend to overlook healthy habits. While we cannot suppress hunger for long and tend to munch about, we suffice our thirst with just one glass and sometimes even a sip of water. We do not really notice because a lot of us have a habit of taking tea regular intervals. Our body’s daily intake of water cannot be substituted by drinking cola or tea. You need to input some information before getting started with the app. It asks you to choose a unit.

The menu that opens up when you slide left to right after opening the app will give a detailed report of your drinking activities. We are talking about water. J It shows options such as drink log, drink report and weight report. Set reminders. All you need to do is click on the “+” sign on the screen and customize as per you water needs. Once you do this, it will automatically set intervals for you to be able to reach this goal before you sleep. Somehow we need to be reminded of doing the right things periodically; this app does that for me anymore.

A very simple and effective way to lead a PH balanced day, every day. And guess what maybe once you get accustomed to drinking water, you may not need anyone to remind you anymore.

Download Water Drink Reminder from Play Store Now! >


3. Fabulous – Motivate Me

I remind myself at pre-set timings to eat well (including what to eat, drink water, exercise and almost a total of 28 healthy habits with this app. It has worked wonders for me. With our days packed with so much of work commitments, meetings and deadlines, we do not really concentrate on our body’s well-being.

A simple reminder and a checklist through this app does the trick. You need to be reminded to be attentive to your overall health and it is ever so simplified with fabulous in your phone. It plans your morning, afternoon and evening rituals. You can customize as per your choice and liking though a long list of good habits to choose from. It tracks your progress on the plan you have set. You get letters in your email about what benefits do you get by following the set regime.

It’s not just for weight loss. You have regimes for focus and concentration, sleeping better, feeling energized and of course eating better. If you are someone who loves being organized, you’ll fall in love with this app, and, if you are someone who wishes to be back on track, then install now. It’s free. Look and feel fabulous with your personal digital care taker.

Download Faculous – Motivate Me from Play Store Now! >


4. Appy Geek – A geek’s guide, friend and philosopher.

The top rated app. It assists your daily dose of the latest news trending on hot topics like technology, science, gadgets etc. It has world-wide news collected from over a huge number of news line feeds across the world and also the best ones. Some of the reviewers for this app are CNET, New York Times etc.

It has categorized the news types mainly as: My News, My Topics, and My Digest. MY NEWS: It mostly has articles related to technology and mobiles. You have options to react, comment and share the news feed, blog or video. MY TOPICS: It has categorized preferences such as top stories, all news, trending, photos, videos, android, apple, surveys, twitter, wearable etc.

DIGEST: It further prioritizes the top news from your “my topics” section. You also have an option to save offline. All in all a pocket size news agency which collect categorizes and stores all that you need and want to know. A geek app for all the geek chaps!

Download Appy Geek from Play Store Now! >



5. Find My Phone

This technique requires you to have an android watch. It is fairly easy on anyone’s part to then use this mechanism to find their phone in case they forget or lose it. This app is almost a must have as we really tend to be a little clumsy with keeping our smartphone and then having a hard time trying to find where we kept it last. And so with this amazing app it is time indeed to bid goodbyes to forgetfulness. Android wear watch will find it for you. Just tap on notification or start “find my phone” app on your watch and then tap on the button to launch the alarm and visual signals set in the smartphone. This feature is enabled even if the phone is in silent mode.

The alarm should be set up as per your needs. You can set alarm volume and turn on gradual volume increase option. You can also turn the vibration on. You can select the ringtone as per your liking. Set screen brightness and turn the flashlight on to find your phone in the dark.

The main functionality available is for free of cost. But there are certain customization that need to be purchased. As these are available only in PRO versions. The rate of this version is $1.99 only.  I have used the basic version and it is a real time life saver.

Download Find My Phone from Play Store Now! >


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