5 ways to maintain privacy on WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the most preferred messaging platform across the globe with over 700 million monthly active members. We tend to exchange large volumes of personal data such as our personal documents, bank details, photos, videos etc. on daily basis. This is why the security cannot be taken for granted while an enormous amount of personal information is being shared as there are many risks involved. The other person who is receiving information can pretend to be your friend while he is just being an imposter. Taking this into consideration, here are top 5 security tips to maintain privacy on WhatsApp –

1. Block WhatsApp photos from getting saved into your phone gallery

Imagine your friend is having a look at your holiday pictures and your personal photos from WhatsApp appear in the photoroll. You don’t want to encounter such unfortunate situation. The best way to avoid is to stop your Android gallery from storing WhatsApp pictures. One way to do is to lock the app and the other way is to take help of explorer app such as ES File Explorer. Create a file with name ‘.nomedia’ within the WhatsApp folder. It will prevent any picture from getting saved into your phone gallery.

2. Always remember to log out of WhatsApp web

With the recent launch of WhatsApp Web, things have become a lot easier. But we need to take precautions when it comes to security and privacy. Always remember to log out of WhatsApp web so that whosoever accesses your browser the next time, do not accidentally come across all your private conversations on WhatsApp.

3. Enable the encryption setting before sharing personal information

Encryption setting is the latest move by WhatsApp to take the security onto another level. The encryption mechanism will ensure that you are speaking to the right person. This way, you don’t have to double think before sharing sensitive or personal details over WhatsApp. This setting also prevents any chances of an imposter speaking to you on your friend’s behalf or in case someone stole the sim from your friends’ phone into another phone. This is how to enable this setting –

  • Go to ‘Setting’ icon on bottom right of WhatsApp home screen
  • Open ‘Account’ and enable ‘Show Security Notification’
  • Next open a conversation with your friend, select ‘Contact Info’
  • Now look for ‘Encryption’ and tap on it
  • A screen will open up with a QR code and at the bottom is an option to scan your friend’s code
  • Your friend can do the same and scan your code on his phone to be 100% secure.

4. Disable last seen

‘Last seen’ may seem like an unimportant feature, but for scammers it can give them the vital information about your availability on WhatsApp. Not only that, you might not want your colleagues or boss to know when you are online on WhatsApp. Privacy on WhatsApp is of paramount importance and if you disable the ‘last seen’ option, no one will trouble you or talk to you for that matter without your consent. But be aware, if you are disabling your ‘last seen’ feature, you won’t be able to see ‘last seen’ of others either.

5. Lock with a password

The easiest way to ensure privacy on WhatsApp is to lock it. You can protect the app by setting a password or pin. Although WhatsApp does not offer any such facility yet third party apps can do the trick. Some of the Android apps that can come handy are Chat Lock, Secure Chat, Lock for WhatsApp etc.

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