5 Ways To Trace An Unknown Number


In today’s dynamic world, mobile technology is growing rapidly and has become an integral part of our lives. Although the usage has increased in the recent years but we can’t deny its increasing role in many criminal and illegal activities. We require to be vigilant at all times and especially against the callers who call for many unsolicited reasons. Be it annoying prank call, blackmailing calls or unknown number harassing us, there are several ways to trace such mobile numbers back. Tracing a mobile number is an important aspect of investigating that person’s identity who is involved in such activities.

Let us find the top 5 ways to trace an unknown mobile number –

  1. Using Search Engine


Google is the most popular and powerful search engine when it comes to tracing an unknown number. The moment you will enter the keyword, it will crawl every relevant website to provide you the required information.

How to do it?

  • Visit google.com and type the mobile number you want to trace.
  • If that number is registered on any social media website or anywhere online, Google will collect the information and fetch you related results.
  • Follow the links to find out the details.


  1. Using Mobile Tracking App


True caller is one of the most popular and user friendly service available as app to find the details of any given number. It boasts of a huge database of 50,000,000 contact details.

How to do it?

  • Sign-in with your E-mail, Facebook etc into True Caller.
  • You are logged in and ready to start searching.
  • Type the unknown number in the search bar.
  • In a single search, True Caller will fetch you details like contact name etc for the unknown number.
  1. Using Mobile Number Based Messengers


One of the most trusted mobile number based messengers used to trace a number is WhatsApp. All you need is to be registered on the application to be able to trace an anonymous number. With more than 30 million users, it is one of the most promising ways to identify someone.

How to do it?

  • Add the number to your contact list.
  • Make sure you save it without any name (It is important).
  • Open the contact in messenger, if he/she is registered you can see the picture or name of the contact.
  • If it does not work, create a group on WhatsApp.
  • Give any name to the group and add that number from your contact.
  • Now deleted the number from your contact list.
  • Open the newly created group on WhatsApp.
  • Click on the tab “Group Info”.
  • You can see the name displaying on the bottom right corner of the contact.
  1. Using Social Media

Nowadays, Facebook and Twitter are among the most widely accessed social media channels which allow you to trace numbers as well. Facebook has an option to create them via your mobile number apart from the email id. You can search user on the Facebook by its mobile number and that ways it will direct you to the profile of the owner of that unknown number.

Also, Twitter allows you to search for people by using their mobile numbers. If user has disabled this option, it might not yield any results, but in most cases it does.

  1. Using Online Tools

india-mobile-traceYou can also trace the number information along with the location via some online tools. The most popular one being the website named India Mobile Trace. It has a huge database of mobile numbers and it brings location specific results. Simply enter the unknown number you wish to trace and it will revert back with the details like map-based location and the service provider of the number, city, and the caller name.


We hope the above listed ways will help you identify the unknown caller and reveal information about it. If you are looking for more direct way or things have gone really bad, then it is best to register a complaint against that anonymous number in police station or cyber cell. They will investigate the matter and give you the right details. Apart from that you can also check online phone directory or calling directly to the number and extract information.

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