6 Tips to Avoid Phone Scams


In this era of fast-changing technology, scammers still depend on the good old means of calling people and dupe them into sharing their personal information. Scams are usually the fraud schemes and people are targeted through calls and  text messages on mobile. The fraudsters will claim to be a genuine company or service provider and make you reveal your information such as bank details etc. You need to be wary of such scammers and avoid being conned over phone. We have rounded up a list of valuable tips to help you identify those scammers and protect yourself against them –

  1. Never Give In to the Calls Related to Money

Most of the scam that happens is related to money in one way or another. You may receive calls about winning a lottery which is a sure sign of scam. Alternatively, you may get call stating that you owe money to someone and if you won’t pay it can lead to your arrest. Never reveal them anything. Scammers are hunting for personal information. Do not end up being a fool and reveal your details. They might ask you to verify your address and then other details. Never respond to them. Even better, just hang up.

  1. Never Reveal Your Bank Information

You might get calls from unsolicited sources claiming to be your bank or telling you to confirm your PIN so that they can replace your card with better schemes. Bank information is sensitive and prone to the most scams. Do not share your credit card or PIN information to any unidentified caller. Don’t believe them even if they insist. Instead tell them you will call them up directly. Check with your bank immediately by calling them and report about such incident.

  1. Take Your Time

Telemarketing scams are the major reason of frauds. People might call you about a ‘free vacation’. They will trick you into false deadlines. For instance, the caller might say that you are eligible for a free or low cost vacation and all you need is to share your personal details as the offer is valid only for today. If you fell to their trap, you might end up paying for a vacation that doesn’t exist in the first place. In such cases, avoid them or tell them to email you the details so that you can double check for authenticity.

  1. Don’t Rely on Emotional Pitches

Many times, you get a phone call all of a sudden from some telemarketing company duped as an organization or NGO that does charity work for poor or elderly. They play the emotional card on call and trick you into revealing your personal details. They might ask you for small donation but they will end up taking a huge bite later on. So ignore their pitches upfront and never donate or do charity over phone.

  1. Give Them Nothing

Your best defense against fraud callers is not to give them a shred of information. They will start by confirming your name, don’t tell them. They might press you for some details in exchange of some services. You might end up paying them for the service you won’t be able to render. Say NO to revealing anything.

  1. Be Cautious of the ‘Free’ Word

If you receive any telemarketing or unsolicited call saying that you can receive the free trial of their website or free loan, be cautious right there. In such cases, they trick you into free trial by letting you sign up for their services which otherwise will cost a lot of money. What you do not know is that you shared your personal information in the sign up form and then after free trial is over, you will get billed every month.



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