Android User’s guide to keep away from malicious games


Being an Android user, we all love downloading the best games of the virtual world available on Google Play Store. Google Play Store is a storehouse for some incredible games. They are all designed to give enriched user experience to Android users and promote the Android as much as they can.

Android users have the privilege to get access to some amazing games with exceptional graphics through Google Play Store. Very often we download the game without researching it well. We don’t have the slightest hint that they might be malicious and prove harmful to our mobile phone. It usually happens in case of third party games. These games are designed to be addictive so that we get busy in playing it and in the background our privacy and data is getting compromised. All of this happens under our nose and we usually get to know about it when the malware or hacker has done the damage already.

It has been found recently that around 60 Android games on Google Play Store are infected with malware. Malware means hostile software such as virus, worm, Trojan horse or any malicious program that is specifically designed to gain access of the device without the knowledge of the user.

A threat called ‘Android.Xiny.19.origin’ has been identified on Google Play Store in many malware infected games. This is enabling the hackers to steal information from users’ mobile device and control their phones.

How does it work?

Suppose you have downloaded a malicious game.  Now as you will open the game and start playing, it will flash certain advertisements to prompt the users to download various software. As soon as the user will click on the advertisement link, the malware will enter the device and it will start stealing information in the background. The device data will be further sent to some remote server.

The worst thing here is that these hackers were able to pass through Google’s security detection using more advanced tactics. Such threats keep coming every now and then. Most of these are hidden in a mobile app we download or games from third party apps. Such games contain malware that are well disguised.

What we can do to avoid and be careful from Malicious Games?

While this was a special incident where Google Play Store’s security was compromised but as users, many things depend on us as well. If we do not download such malicious games in the first place, nothing unfortunate will happen. Here is how you can make sure that you do not come across anything like ‘Android.Xiny.19.origin’ ever –

  • Research your games well before downloading: It will hardly take a minute but will save you the trouble. Look into the name of mobile game app developer. If it is from some credible company, then go ahead. If it looks suspicious, double think before downloading it.
  • Say no to third party apps: Keep away from third party apps. Google Play Store is where most games are released for Android users by legitimate developers. If it is third party games, it is not credible. So the best thing is to avoid downloading it.
  • Install a reliable mobile security: Having a mobile security solution that stops malware or alerts you about them is a wise decision. So team Android, if you are an avid gamer, be wary of the games you are about to download on your device. Make sure that they pass the mobile security and do not harm your device.

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