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Learning techniques have evolved over a period of time. Nowadays with technology in use, we don’t really find education as a big task. Whether it is about when one understands a new word that you heard, or understanding what is going on the world. Whether it is about books that matter or the books that will make your results matter. Learning to grow or learning to excel. Your reasons to learn can be varied as per your ambition, needs and liking. The one stop arrangement for all this is to have a phone friendly teacher. These learning apps can be found under books and references category of Google play store. I have used all of them and when I say used, it is not for the purpose of writing this. I used it as a user, a learner. And I thought I should share what I find useful. Knowledge is wealth. Grow wealthy and wise with these apps.  I have listed five apps that will assist you with grammar, your school subjects, and literature of various genres and also increase I.Q.

Amazon Kindle: Light the lamp of knowledge

Kindle needs no introduction. A world famous app and very much loved by its owners. Amazon kindle app is truly an app that needs to adorn your phone. All the avid book readers and lovers need to look in to this. Now you don’t need to buy kindle separately and can install this. The features and the ease of use will vary as per your phone. For example a Samsung S7 will make you feel really cool when using this app while a as smaller phone or say a phone with a smaller screen may not let you feel so great. Those are not the shortcomings of this wonderful app anyway.

I have used it for more than 3 months now and I love every bit of it. And no I don’t really have a phone that is really big or grand. You can find the library on the left hand side. It has more options to explore, such as collections, books, docs, newsstand etc. There is one option called as “on device”. What happens is, when you install the app, it lets you choose ten free books of your choice from the collections. You can read and keep them for free. These books can be found under this option, that is, “on device”. Find more books in the search bar. Sync your device and add any recently updated editions or a new book to the store. The amazon store has numerous eBooks that are compatible with any device. With this app, I have also prepared for my upcoming competitive exams. It has some really helpful history books that can help students in a lot of ways. You can use it to prepare history projects. Autobiographies and English essays can be found in abundance. Knowledge is wealth. And this bookstore is all free to download and use. Go for it.

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WIKIPEDIA: Your pocket Scientist. Know it all!

Wiki is Google’s best friend. It has all you know and would want to know. Ever came across situations when you feel like “I need to know this now” and you know where will you find it? Why do you have to open your browser when you know it’s in Wikipedia? This app lets you dive in direct into the treasure of knowledge, facts and figures.

As you open the app, you are welcomed with the featured article which can be any topic on all that is possible on earth or ever did happen in this universe. It has the following options in menu:  history, reading lists, nearby and random. Random shall have a complete history and description of any topic which could of your interest or not, use this as a source of learning something new. This way you are adding to your I.Q.On the right hand side the option “change language” lets you read in the language of your choice. You can also change the font and theme of the page. Use “find in page” search option to find specific keywords in that page. The ultimate knowledge bank to help you discover the who, how, when, where, with who, for what and much more in the world. I love this app, so will you?  Simple and Necessary, Wikipedia.

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English to Hindi Dictionary: Learn with ease and time.

English is a global language. With almost all job profiles with criteria of having good communications and English speaking skills, one needs to regularly upgrade their vocabulary. While it is difficult to carry huge dictionaries or even the pocket sized ones (because the pocket is already full of your cigarettes and cell phones) you can use this learning app with utmost ease. It has all the words you need to present yourself like a pro in an interview or write an impressive description. If you are not well versed with their meanings, do not fret, use your dictionary. It has text to speech option as well.

Full search: it not just searches for the word, also returns the definitions containing the query text. Search type: it comprises of three options: namely, word start( matches the start of the word with other words in the dictionary), exact match(matches same to same) and any substring (tries to fetch any similar looking word or near to perfect matches).Bigger text: this feature enables you to make the text bigger for the ease of readability. Blue gradient background: this feature enables you to deactivate the blue background and use black that improves text readability. Text to speech: use this feature to learn proper pronunciation. It further gives you option to choose the accent that you want the text to be converted into speech. There are two options namely UK AND US.A really thoughtful app for avid learners. Learn grammar and English, as easy as this goes.

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SCRIBD: Indulge and explore learning and reading like never before.

Read books, listen to audiobooks, download documents, and more for less than a piece of a paperback. Explore hand-curated collections and personalized recommendations just for you. With books, audiobooks, comics, sheet music and more you’ll never get bored. Read anytime and anywhere for just 8.99 a month (dollars). Cancel anytime! Why don’t you try the 14 day free trial and see how it goes?

It has a variety of listings like New York Times best-selling fiction, non-fiction, man booker nominees and winners etc. You have the audiobooks called as blockbuster listening. Choose what you want to read, well, hear and enjoy the enriching experience. You can choose to listen and read by selecting either the free 14 day trial and signing up with your Facebook account or you can pay for the services and become a member. Every audiobook will have the editor’s note which will give you an idea of what’s in store for you. You can find the time required to finish listening to the entire book on the same page. The same is available in books or not? Once done reading or listening you have an option to let you leave a review about the same. You can also store books to read offline! A must have for those who want to fall asleep reading books, well; you can if you have audiobooks reading out to you while you keep your eyes closed. I am addicted to this and it is such a refreshing and satisfying experience for a book lover. Go for it. You can never get enough out of this app.

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NCERT BOOKS: Bring school books to your phone!

Education is the foundation of your tomorrow and today. What you learn in the few years of your life will largely reflect in the latter part. With home tuitions and school tuitions, kids don’t really find studying any exciting. Not their fault I must say. This app will give them a new feeling about learning. Kids and teenagers love phones, there no denying it. If you are a parent then suggest them to use this app once. They will be all smiles. Are you still a student? What a relief, now you can study on your phone too. Imagine how happy will your parents be to know that you do not just have Pokémon go in your phone but also reading materials! This app is a star for you if you happen to be in uniform still.Well, you can also look at how your next year’s books are going to be like as it contains NCERT syllabus books for all the standards.

It is easy to use as the homepage is well designed to understand the thought process of a student. You can find books by selecting which grade or class. For example standard 1, 2, 3 until 12th.You can find books by selecting subjects. For example English, social science. Indian history etc. You can find books by selecting name of the book. For example marigold, math-magic etc. this can be done once you select the subject. Once you select the above three you can start reading by clicking on GO. There are books available in three mediums: English, Hindi and Urdu. A real companion for a scholar, a learner, a student and you can use this also to prepare for certain competitive exams like UPSC, IAS etc. You don’t really need to carry heavy books just to learn. Learning should be fun, and this app justifies it.



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