Mobile Security

5 ways to maintain privacy on WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the most preferred messaging platform across the globe with over 700 million monthly active members. We tend to exchange large volumes of personal data such as our personal documents, bank details, photos, videos etc. on daily basis. This…
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5 Must-have Security Apps for Android


Malware scams are everywhere these days. Whether you are downloading any app from Google Play Store or looking to keep your Smartphone free from any harmful threat, you will always need a reliable security app. Many free security and antivirus…
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Think Before You Geo-tag Your Selfie: Dos & Don’ts


We live in the age of increasingly changing digital media where we are continuously under pressure to share bits of information. Most importantly, we love to flaunt our lives on social media. The check-ins at Facebook, live streaming posts at…
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Mobile Payment Apps: Friend or Faux


The recent technological advancements have made payment on mobile almost a breeze. Gone are the days when you used to keep the cash handy or had to go all the way to the ATM machine for cash. Internet has revolutionized…
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