Enabling and Disabling Google Now on Android 5.0 and Above


Google Now is a personal digital assistant on your Android phone. It keeps tabs on everything you are doing on your phone by using cards to supply information of your choosing to your home screen. It has many features like snippets of information, and reminders that you can get on your device.

Disadvantage of Google Now

If having someone keep track of you is not something you like, then you can delete Google Now. Google Now tracks your search history, purchase history, and financial transaction history. It could sound like invasion of privacy.

Advantage of Google Now

The best part of Google Now is that it can track you, it knows where you live, and what are your likes and dislikes. You can see sports results, daily news headlines, weather updates, Google Maps location, directions, and much more information that is relevant and useful. It also scans your Gmail, and reminds you of potentially important emails.

You can enable or disable Google Now app on your phone depending on if you want it to record your habits.

To Enable Google Now

  1. Open Google App, and select “Yes, I’m in”.
  2. Tap to open Google Now.
  3. Open app menu by sliding from left of the screen with your finger, or by tapping on three-line menu in the top left corner.
  4. Enter Settings.
  5. Navigate to Voice in the Settings menu
  6. Check on the box on the Now on Tap option.
  7. Select Yes when asked Are you sure.

Google Now is now enabled on your phone

To Disable Google Now

You can disable Google Now just as easily as you activated it. You can do this if you want to be free from notifications from the ‘Cards’, and News updates. To disable:

  1. Find Settings icon and click it.
  2. Click Apps button
  3. Find Google Now, and click Disable

Google Now is now disabled.

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