Five Lifestyle apps for the Modern World


During these modern times, when health is no less than your wealth, a lifestyle check can help us make some helpful changes and corrections to our way of living. Lifestyle is not just about what you wear, rather it is all about your life and what do you do with it and in it. Let it be your eating style, your dressing style, and your health routine or decorating your home; it all falls under a singular term. We have curated five reliable and result oriented apps for your enhanced lifestyle. Enjoy the new ideas that will cross your mind as your read thoroughly.

1. Practo – The health app

A lot of people have a wrong notion about what this app does actually does. A majority of people think that Practo helps them find doctors around and about their residential area or the city they live in. well, I cannot say that they are wrong, but then Practo is not limited to this.

Practo acts as your complete healthcare partner. You can book appointments with the huge number of doctors available. You can order your medicines and other pharmaceutical needs through this app and get doorstep delivery if required. You can also read the health tips if you are a fitness freak or have just started training. It keeps a record of your fitness and also any health issues if any. You can view your records easily. Practo has been established in the following countries, namely, Singapore, India, Philippines, Brazil and Indonesia. With this app, you can find doctors to treat cancer, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, physiologists, dermatologists etc. A really thoughtful and important app in today’s world, I would call this as important as an ambulance. Keep this personal doctor in your phone and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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2. ZARA – The fashion app

While lifestyle means a lot more, the first word that strikes our mind when we think of lifestyle is Clothes, fashion etc. Aren’t we all aware about the brand name Zara? A renowned and very modern brand which has its presence all over the globe.

The Zara app helps you quench your thirst for the latest arrivals and the hot trending outfits in Zara’s stores across the globe. Yes, you can order as well. You can click on “collections” and you will the outfits zooming up on your phone screen. It also shows you the prices along with the outfits. It further gives you options like adding it to your wish list or cart. It gives you details like “in-store” availability, composition and care of the cloth and fabric. Helps you with the size guide and buying guide.

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3.Yoga – The relaxing app

7,000,000. Wondering what is that obscene figure? Well, it’s the number of fans and users that use this app. This is the most advanced and friendly yoga class, I can say for sure. It has 37 different programs installed and has over 239 postures for yoga fanatics.

What more? It has all the presentations in HD and shows all the muscles in 3D. Use this app to find poses by your skill level, fitness goal or type. A reliable source for learning and practicing yoga. Keep this in your phone and let people wonder your fitness secrets.

Click here to download Yoga from Play Store >yoga_android_life_style_app

4. Homestyler – Your digital decorator.

This has been called as the essential app by WIRED. You just have to take a snap of the part of your house, your room and it shall come up in 3D. You can visualise different types of decorative items like rugs, mirrors, paintings etc. and see how would they look like in your home.

You can get tips on decoration from the wide and varied list of how to. Once you create your designs on this app, it lets you share it with your loved ones through social networking sites and apps. You can look at the database of the designers in your locality, helps you find the right one for your home, the designer that you would need for your type of designs. A magical wand for all those who want to see their homes look surreal in real.

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5. Vegan Recipes: Celebrating cooking and health together.

While we all have understood the importance and also the benefits of eating right, all we need is a cook book to start practising from. Learn hundreds of different vegan meals. You can cook breakfast, lunch or dinner using this app. A healthy vegan meal is what rejects sugar, salt and processed items, and focuses on fruits and vegetables.

This app utilises the tested and tasted recipes of a number of people who love cooking like you. This app gives you recipes that people of all age groups can like and cook. There are recipes that a teenager can easily try and excel at. You can start with salads and soups, also main courses or feasts as well. Use this app to take care of your eating lifestyle.

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