Five efficient Android apps that increase Productivity


Business requires hard work and smart work simultaneously. While we trust you with the hard work part of it, let us show you what your phone can do to assist you with the smart work. I have encountered numerous people sitting with a perplexed look in a coffee shop with a perplexed look, well, mostly upset with the laptop running out of charge. These apps listed below will let you overcome such situations with the help your phone.

Let it be maintaining excel files and sheets or scanning and emailing important files and pages. Video conferencing or planning your business agendas; it is all possible through your phone. The easiest to the most helpful of apps is what we have curated below. I am pretty sure that you will install as you read.

1. Get more done: Google sheets

With ever so increasing workload individuals often tend to forget or skip one or the other tasks they need to complete. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have your own work organiser in your phone?  Google it? Well, Google sheet it. This app helps you to organise your important data and lists with or without an internet connection. As you click on the menu icon on the top left hand corner you will see multiple executable options. You can create and share files with each other using this app.

All you need to do is click on available offline and you can continue working offline on the page. You can import files on your Google sheets through Google drive and also device storage that is your phone storage. The best feature is that everything gets auto saved as you create it!! It is a productivity increasing partner for your business, a real time saver without having to press CTRL + S all the time.

Click here to download Google Sheets from Play Store Now! >


2. Pdf on the go: Fast scanner

What do I say about this app? It is one of those apps that turn out be a life saver in dire situations. Imagine your scanner is acting weird and there is this very important data you need to scan and send across to your boss or client, what will you do? Run to a technician or run across the office for a scanner, well I suggest use this app.

It helps you scan, edit, email, export to Pdf files, gives multiple editing support and print via cloud print or print apps. To add more to your twinkling eyes, this app saves your scans as pdf’s or images in the form of jpeg, you can open them on other apps too. A scanner for documents, receipts, notes, invoices, business cards, images etc. all in your ever so smart, phone. Install now.

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3. Get paid and track it: Invoice and time tracking

Freelancing is not an easy task to take at hand, with all those work orders coming in every day; it gets a little tricky to maintain the knitty gritties of the labour. This app helps you manage your work and its outcome in an organised manner for you to track your progress and success.

You will find everything you need to manage your paperwork, let it be invoicing or time tracking, online payments or automated reminders, international invoicing or instant notifications it is all managed by this app. You can also run reports in real time and have an insight on your business performance. A marvellous app to have, for all the work you have!

Click here to download Zoho Invoice & Time Tracking App from Play Store Now! >


4. Present confidently: Start meeting

With this app you can start or host a meeting anywhere. It gives you a variety of options such as free audio conferencing for up to 1000 participants. It also helps you conduct meetings with online screen sharing and video conferencing. You can zoom in or zoom out on the contents on the screen as you chat with the participants. It allows you to dial using internet or GSM.

A flexible and productive app that answers your concern related to your dynamic work schedule. You don’t really need a meeting room for that niche of the time meeting calls. Once you install the app all you need to do is to tap the email invitation link and you are ready to start the meeting!

Click here to download Start Meeting App from Play Store Now! >


5. Manage your time: Planner Pro-Personal Organizer

You will find the best way to manage your requirements in terms of your events and notes, tasks and individual specific demands to increase productivity and ease of use. Planner pro will help you sync your Google calendar and events; it supports all-day as well as cross-day events. You can manage the time slot manually.  It helps you manage tasks and also supports projects with subtasks. It has different priorities, namely five, for different projects and tasks.

Manage unlimited notes and view them on the basis of week, month or year. Other key features include the option to launch the view as you want and you get to set the first day of the week manually.

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