How to access your android device after pattern lock has failed


A Smartphone is a personal device. If someone successfully bypasses your android pattern lock combinations, then they can get easy access to all information stored inside your Smartphone, such as your shopping data, internet history and other confidential data then you will end up having a major loss.

There are many options to keep your phone locked, but most users prefer to keep pattern locks. Many users have reported that they often forget their lock pattern and had shown concern in accessing their phone content after several attempts to unlock the patterns.

After so many failed attempts and tries, there are chances that your device gets locked down. Here are some ways on how to access your android device after pattern lock has failed. PS, you don’t need pattern lock unlock software to crack.

Is your phone registered with Google accounts?

One of the major questions that will help in unlocking your phone is by asking yourself if you have registered your Smartphone with Google accounts. It’s actually very common thing among people and is a great step as it allows you to backup important data and recovers them when necessary.

For example, when you take your phone to the service center to unlock it, there is no guarantee that your data is safe. It’s necessary that you register your phone with Google accounts or Samsung account, in case you have a Samsung handset.

Resetting Pattern Lock with your Google Account

You can unlock your phone through 3 simple steps using Google accounts.

  • After multiple faulty pattern attempts, a ‘Forget pattern’ link appears. You need to click on this option.
  • You need to enter your Google account user id and password that you used earlier to register the device.
  • By doing this, you can easily reset the Smartphone’s pattern lock.

When Pattern Unlock with Google reset option doesn’t work

There are many reasons why resetting pattern lock via Google accounts doesn’t work. In some cases, the user might have forgotten their login credentials and couldn’t log in at all. There are cases where the registered email address doesn’t have a recovery email address and this eliminates the chance of unlocking your Smartphone. There can be much more depressing situations when you have access to the email address but can’t connect to the internet using wifi or mobile data, but there’s is still hope. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Turn off your Smartphone.
  2. Long Press the menu key, power key and the upper volume key all at the same time.
  3. An ‘Android System Recovery’ screen will be shown on your Android Smartphone.
  4. Select ‘Factory reset/Wipe data’. This is the third option and later you can come browse downwards using the volume key. You need to press the menu button in order to proceed to the next step.
  5. Now select ‘Yes’ to delete all user data. (8th option is most cases)
  6. Choose the ‘Reboot Now’ option. (Most likely the first option on the menu).
  7. After rebooting the Smartphone, it should be unlocked and working perfectly.

Once again, it is highly recommended that you have the habit of keeping backups of information stored in your phone. You will also need to keep the Smartphone away from anyone, especially kids who might cause a device lockdown after multiple faulty pattern attempts.

PS: Make sure you memorize the pattern. You will not want to reset your password every single time.

So do it the easier way!

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