How To Avoid Unwanted Calls


Most of our time, as a mobile user, goes into answering telemarketing calls or thinking about the ways to avoid them. We already get all those unwanted text messages from insurance companies to real estate or banks. Now the pesky calls that we get takes the frustration to another level. To provide the simplest solution to all such pains of a mobile user, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently introduced certain changes under the rules for telemarketer service providers rather than telecom service providers.

Now we, as users, have every right to choose our preferences to receive this sort of Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) or not. We can choose to fully block them or partially block, as per our own requirements. Here are a few other tips that can be helpful in achieving this –

  1. Register for DND

If we want to fully block such commercial calls or communication, we can go for DND or Do Not Disturb. You can get it done through a Toll free number as provided by your mobile /telecom service provider. Alternatively, if you want to partially block, that means you can block it according to the categories. Then you can start with sending message on the DND toll free number given by your mobile service provider. It will give you options to choose your preferences for instance – “START 1” for receiving only Real Estate related messages and so on. You can set your preference list thereafter.

  1. Contact Customer Care

One can also register for DND services by speaking to the customer care executive of the service provider by dialing toll free number 1909.

  1. Via mobile carrier’s website

Alternatively, you can go to the website links of the mobile carriers and make a request for DND services. They have dedicated pages on their website for this service under the strict rules via TRAI.

  1. Via Mobile Apps

This can also be done via number of mobile apps such as Truecaller. Truecaller is a community driven app available for both Android, iPhone as well as Windows phone. The app will notify you of the identity of the number calling you or the incoming text messages. Since you can mark some numbers as spam or potentially dangerous in this app. This information can be accessed by every user easily. Their huge database will match your number against the most blocked numbers or will indentify in its Spam list. If either or this happens, it gives you an option to auto-block it. This can be done by enabling a dedicated setting called ‘Block Spam Calls’ within the Truecaller settings.

Caution : TrueCaller will first sync all your contacts to their server.

  1. Complaints against unsolicited calls

If nothing else works, you can lodge a complaint against the unsolicited calls even if you are getting them after registering for DND. This can be lodged with the TRAI itself which takes stern stand against such calls. TRAI will inform you within 7 working days of lodging the complaint and it will take serious action against it. The complaint is registered under UCC and you can also keep a check on the status of your complaint by visiting the link “UCC Complaint Registration Status” on TRAI’s website.

  1. Deal with Telemarketer Calls

If you learn how to deal with Telemarketer calls, you can straight away avoid the whole process of going through such lengthy procedures. When you receive the call, abide by these few tips –

  • Don’t hung up immediately or else your lead will be marked ‘no’ and you will get a call back again
  • Don’t engage with the caller to give him wrong impression of you being persuaded
  • Don’t hang up in the mid call or else they will keep on calling you
  • Don’t ever ask them to call you back some other time

The other efficient way is to ask them to put you on their ‘Do Not call list’. This will stop them from calling you forever.

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