How to Clean Up Your Smartphone of Digital Clutter?


How often do you stuff your smartphone with tons of digital files and data? It is a routine thing for most of us. We take our smartphone for granted and fill them up with as much junk as we want. Every other day, we are busy downloading new apps or browsing through media files on internet. This creates lot of digital clutter on daily basis that most of us are unaware of.

So before you see the message “You are out of storage space” again on your smartphone, let us give you a quick guide on how to clean up your smartphone –

1. Review your apps

Your apps are taking up the most space on your phone. Review all the apps and check what data they are collecting. By reviewing app permissions, you can actually delete the ones that seem fishy or seem to collect your personal and financial information. This way you will get rid of the multiple apps that you have downloaded unnecessarily. Also, check app permissions if you want to download any app in future.

2. Uninstall forgotten or unused apps

A study says that we use maximum of 10 apps at a time. So the chances are you must have downloaded multiple apps in excitement like all of us. Now they must be lying in some forgotten corner of your phone. So to manage the apps that are no longer used by you, go to the settings option of your phone and manage storage. Uninstall the apps that you no longer use or intend to use in future.

3. Delete pictures that you no longer need

We all love to click pictures. But we forget that they are the main culprit of taking away most of the space on our phones. Either you can delete the ones that you don’t need or simply transfer pictures to your computer or external hard drive.

4. Turn off settings for automatic downloads

Does your phone connect to unknown Wi-Fi automatically? The reason behind this is that you allow automatic connection and also automatic downloading from unknown sources. You must have forgotten to check ‘no’ in the mobile settings for automatic download. So spend some time and change this setting. This will keep your phone away from downloading junk.

5. Clean up the texts and contacts

Clean up those text messages that must be lying in your phone since eternity. Go to the text messages folder of your phone and go through all the message threads. Keep the ones you might need and delete the rest of them.

6. Uninstall old games

Games use tons of space. If you have installed multiple games but play only one or two, keep the ones you play on regular basis. Your phone will start working efficiently in no time. Also, some games could be malicious, uninstalling will also secure your phone.

7. Save pictures to ‘normal’ versions

Do you know our smartphone has option to save camera pictures with varying resolutions? You must be wondering what it means. Well, the picture resolution determines the picture size. So more the picture resolution, more space will it take. You can change the picture resolution as per your choice from camera settings. Also, if you are an iPhone user, you can choose to save picture with high quality or normal version. Simply go to settings, then go to photo and camera, and uncheck the box ‘keep normal photo’.


Clear up the clutter on regular basis to keep your phone working efficiently. Also, keep clearing the cache from mobile settings. This way you will enjoy more space and your phone will definitely thank you!

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