How to report harassment calls in India


What is a harassment call?

Harassment calls: a call that is intended to threaten or create disturbance to your mental peace or well-being can be regarded as a threatening call. It also includes a call where the caller uses obscene language or even heavy or distorted breathing. Any call directed straight to your family or friend’s well-being is also a harassment call.

Are harassment calls a crime?

Yes, they are as they are intended to disturb your life and well-being. As per the federal laws of communication and also certain state laws, a call can be regarded as harassment if the intention of the caller is any of the following.

  1. To make the phone ring continuously.
  2. Making lewd and indecent comments.
  3. Not identifying as the caller.
  4. Repeated calls consisting of conversation meant only to harass.
  5. Call where there is either just silence or heavy breathing.

When can you report harassment calls?

To report harassing phone calls in India to police there should be frequent calls from the alleged caller. However if the call was specifically loud enough in terms of portraying any kind of danger or verbal threat to you or your loved ones, you can report it directly regardless of the fact that it was the first call from the caller.

How to report harassment calls in India?

As the numbers of social apps and sites have increased, so have the cases of harassment. When people leave their contact details on sites, it becomes easier for an unknown person to gather much needed information and also abuse by calling the number unwantedly and repeatedly.

To help you out of such irritating and unwanted situations Indian police system has come with a hotline number (1091), you need to dial 1091 and report any harassment calls.

Such calls are forwarded to your local police stations and at the first instance of the report; they will get hold of the caller and see if the caller is apologetic. If yes, they will then get back to you and see if you are ready to accept the apology. If you do, the case gets closed after three months of surveillance on the same. If no, then the caller is taken to be booked.

This can be reported through SMS, Whatsapp or a direct call.

A story of harassment:

One of my office colleagues had a very bad situation with such a caller. Apparently his girlfriend started receiving calls from some unknown guy who used to call and abuse. Later on certain illicit and vulgar emails were sent to my friend stating that his girlfriend is cheating on him. While both these people knew the guy was, they couldn’t do much about it as they were worried about the girl’s image in the society, the caller threatened that he wants the girl to talk to him and had real bad intentions. Finally they lodged a police complaint and it was a co-worker in the girl’s office who was harassing her mentally. The girl had tried extreme steps like suicide as she was tortured too much, I would suggest people to not to hold back from reporting any crime for any reason. Fear only leads to more suffering. Have courage and set it right by reporting such calls on 1091.

What to do about banks and debt collectors calls?

As per the fair debt collection practices act, the agents cannot harass the person at his or her workplace, also not call repeatedly on their phones.

Further, as per the RBI regulations, if the harassment is from the collection agency of banks, the first step is to lodge a complaint with the bank or NBFC. If the bank or the NBFC refuses or fails to respond within 30 days of the notice, the matter can then be brought in front of the banking ombudsman. The concerned bank or the NBFC will then be liable to pay the compensation for the mental torture and threat.

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