How to report spam calls in India?


What is a spam call?

Spam calls are calls from advertising firms or even your own telephone operators which are unwanted and cause unnecessary diversion of attention. A spam message is an unsolicited text. A spam call is an unwanted call from an unknown number, not to be mistaken to be a harassment call. Another name for spam is UCC, which stands for unsolicited commercial communication.

How do you report spam calls?

While you have learnt how to report harassment calls on 1091, you will now learn how to help yourself out of unwanted spammers.

  1. DND (Do Not Disturb): all the spam calls and messages you get from advertising firms etc. can be stopped by registering for do not disturb. You can register for DND either through SMS or through IVRS( Interactive Voice Response System) and also by speaking directly to customer care.

To register through SMS, just type and send START (preference) to 1909.

The preferences will be given to you as follows

START 1: banking, finance and related calls or messages.

START 2: real estate related messages.

START 3: education related messages.

START 4: health related messages.

START 5: consumer good and automobiles related messages.

START 6: entertainment relates messages.

START 7: tourism related messages.

You can call the customer care of your service provider and talk to an agent who will help you activate do not disturb service as per you need and concern. Just dial 1909 to speak to them.

Click here for more information on how to register for DND.

  1. Already registered in DND and still getting spam calls?

You can now register a complaint for your concern as you tried activating the do not disturb service but got not riddance from spammers.

You need to send a message like this: “the unsolicited commercial communication, (telephone number or header of SMS from which the spam originated), dd/mm/yy” to 1909. Such complaints are taken very seriously and the TRAI or your service provider will get back to you within 7 days of you registering the complaint.

3. What else can I do to fight against Spam Callers?

If you want to take a stand and fight against unwanted callers and let others know that the caller from the particular number is a serial spam caller, then, you can Report a Spam Call The comments that you submit are moderated and will be approved in a short duration of time. These comments will be publicly visible protecting your identity.


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