iOS10: A pocket rocket full of surprising features. Some expected while other exceeded.


Apple has been recognised and known for its uniqueness and innovative approach towards mobile OS.  The iPhone and the iPad are the most used gadgets amongst the Apple iOS line up.  As usual Apple has come up with its newest trend setting release with iOS 10 at the WWDC this July. The OS has been released and is yet to be launched to the consumer crowd which should happen by the month of September this year, not to forget that this will be a face off against Google’s Android N-nougat! This new iOS 10 is already tagged as the biggest release of Apple yet, it can be used on the iPhone as well as on the iPad.

Well, we all know iPhone and Apple will never stop to surprise us. This time rather than including completely new features and built in apps, it has decided to put in exhaustive and finishing details to its already existing features. Yes. You can call it a Revamping but trust me you will be delighted to feel the new iOS 10 in your phone. If you are thinking that “What more could a phone do” be prepared to pose a million dollar smile as you read further.

Let us discuss rather than me giving you reviews about the new features. This piece of information is for you to know your options

  1. Open Sesame: Remember how you used to fiddle to open your phone when you already had a laptop in one hand and a pen in the other. Well, all you need to do is just lift your phone up and it opens as easy as your eyes do when you see your loved ones. Adding more to this magic is the more distinctively enabled and multitasking lock Multi-tasking Lock Screen: If anyone but Apple could think more like us. What a relief! You can manage most of the apps and features of your iPhone just from your lock screen. You can delete notifications from various apps with just one touch and don’t really need to go to each app specifically. What more? You can customize widgets and read news, read the weather, send messages from your lock screen. You do not need to slide to unlock anymore. It’s called as “Press Home” to enter.messaging-iphone3.Message Bonanza: The extensive addition of a whole new set of Gifs (Yes, now you don’t need to download them from a third party), bigger Emojis, smarter Bubble Texts (They recognize the tone of your voice), hidden messages and photos which can be sent and the recipient just has to swipe over the message and there you see the magic. It doesn’t end here, you can replace all the texts in your statements with relevant Emojis, all you need to do is tap. Who knew tapping will make your iPhone act like merlin. Apple did it. Personally the young crowd is going to love this message bonanza with the new iMessage through iOS.iphone-ios-maps4.Map and Go: Maps help us find our way. Apple will let us use it to make reservations, order food and much more. If you find a restaurant on your way it gives you suggestions and to add more it will book it for you. Well, Siri Siri becomes your Personal Assistant: Siri can now talk to third party apps.  So, Lo and Behold you can feel like Tony Stark when you ask your iPhone to book a ride for you, make reservations for a movie show or also order your favourite food online. The list is endless and you know it better. If you have a smart home, the smart home kit will let you control your home with the help of your P.A Siri. All you need to do is say “Good Night Siri” and the curtains go down, the doors are locked, the lights go dim and off. Apple gives apple-voicemail 6. See the voice: You can now glance through your voicemails. Wondering if I wrote it wrong? Well, the new iOS lets the voice messages automatically convert to text messages so that you can glance through them. Apple knows how busy people are nowadays. Adding a little more zing to this your keyboard lets you enjoy multilingual typing without jumping language settings. It just gets better and better.locate-car-iphone7.Where is my car? : If you have a car with “Car Play” then your phone will find where you parked it last. It will let you off the worry when you are on a shopping spree and you end up miles away from where you started. It’s the truth and Apple knows Enliven: The new OS makes your phone become your photo editor and make albums for you. Apple has called this feature as “MEMORIES”. It picks up your best photos and puts them together as a memory. There’s a little development required here as it struggles to find the difference between siblings and friends. We can’t blame it and we know Apple will break that deal don’t stop the music: No we aren’t talking about Rihanna. The iOS 10 will let you enjoy your music even if you are clicking a selfie or shooting a video. It has also introduced Image Stabilisation to the rear camera and hopes to offer clearer pictures. And we thought pictures shot with iPhone were the best. Apple beats itself here.force-delete-ios-apps10.Delete Pre-Installed Apps: After the general recommendation from consumers Apple has given leeway to let the iPhone user delete unimportant preinstalled apps. It doesn’t really get deleted but in layman’s language, Siri hides those apps. Yes, Apple is clever. You can get the deleted apps back, but not through Siri. You will have to go through the app store to do so.This is not it! As I said, the iOS 10 is set to be made available to consumers in the month of September, this gap between the release and launch is to give them enough time to stabilise certain issues, squash any bugs, add any relevant features and discard the irrelevant ones. Nevertheless, we know it is going to be big and quite a style statement that Apple has made everytime. Choose wisely. Keep calm and enjoy iOS 10.

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