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5 Must-have Security Apps for Android


Malware scams are everywhere these days. Whether you are downloading any app from Google Play Store or looking to keep your Smartphone free from any harmful threat, you will always need a reliable security app. Many free security and antivirus…
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4 Best Android Apps for News and Magazine lovers


It is indeed very important to keep in touch with what is happening around you and in the world that you live in. It not only helps you live life in the present but also helps you climb forward towards…
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How to report spam calls in India?


What is a spam call? Spam calls are calls from advertising firms or even your own telephone operators which are unwanted and cause unnecessary diversion of attention. A spam message is an unsolicited text. A spam call is an unwanted…
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How to report harassment calls in India


What is a harassment call? Harassment calls: a call that is intended to threaten or create disturbance to your mental peace or well-being can be regarded as a threatening call. It also includes a call where the caller uses obscene…
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5 best note-taking Apps for Android


Every now and then, the need arises to note-down something or to remind ourselves later on. The days when we used to keep a small notebook are long gone. Our smartphones are our sole companion in our everyday chores, even…
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7 Basic Tips for Protecting Your Social Media Accounts


Internet has revolutionized our lives in every sphere. We can’t practically think about a life without our social media accounts. Our life has become more expressive, thanks to the social media! We get to share our lives, pictures, stay updated…
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Practical Tips To Save Phone Battery


We are all familiar with the battery life of a typical smartphone. The AMOLED and LED displays of our smartphone drain out the battery faster than we can imagine. It becomes really difficult at times to get through the day…
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Top 5 Creative Photo Editing Android Apps


Pictures tell stories; they are memories and also a way to express imagination individualistically. While painters did a pretty good job in olden days, I guess in the 21st century all we need is a few fantastic apps in our…
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