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Top Five Free Android Medical Apps


Health is wealth. We all got introduced to this famous proverb at some point of time in life. Keeping in mind your health requirements, let it be booking an appointment with a doctor, or a free consultation, or let it…
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Five Lifestyle apps for the Modern World


During these modern times, when health is no less than your wealth, a lifestyle check can help us make some helpful changes and corrections to our way of living. Lifestyle is not just about what you wear, rather it is…
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5 android apps for Olympics 2016 lovers


While we belong to different nations and speak different languages, sports and sportsmanship brings all of us together. The niche of sports is observed in Olympics through a lot of athletes competing for the honour of their country and to…
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5 Top Rated Calendar apps for Android


Calendar is one of the most basic things to access on any smartphone. They have been on our phones since the beginning of mobile technology. The calendar apps in our smartphones have evolved far from basic. Especially Android calendar apps…
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5 Best Android Apps For Your Little Learners


Kids these days love to spend time on smartphones. In fact, learning can be great fun through smartphone apps by combining them with your little Einstein’s curiosity. There are number of interactive apps that can help your child learn through…
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4 Top Rated Google Maps Alternatives For Android


Navigation can make your life a lot easier in today’s world. But using the right apps is what makes the difference. We use these navigation apps from day to day life while walking or driving. Android users have the benefit…
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Top 5 Android apps for Runners


Running is the best way to burn those extra calories and lighten up your mood. If you are a beginner and looking to make the best out of running, then Android runner apps will always come handy. Especially to break…
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5 Really Cool Android Wear Apps You Must Try


Technology is for the betterment of humans and their lives. While we are always in a hurry to make the most out of our daily lives, we tend to forget to keep a check on our health. We go to…
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