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Think Before You Geo-tag Your Selfie: Dos & Don’ts


We live in the age of increasingly changing digital media where we are continuously under pressure to share bits of information. Most importantly, we love to flaunt our lives on social media. The check-ins at Facebook, live streaming posts at…
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Mobile Payment Apps: Friend or Faux


The recent technological advancements have made payment on mobile almost a breeze. Gone are the days when you used to keep the cash handy or had to go all the way to the ATM machine for cash. Internet has revolutionized…
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Security Vs Privacy – How to Balance Both


Mobile security and privacy are two different aspects that concern IT companies and employers equally. There is a fine line between both. It is important for any IT company to securely manage the mobile devices of employees but at the…
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10 Tips to Tighten Your Mobile Security


Mobile security matters to everyone. The sole responsibility of protecting your smartphone is yours. In order to best protect your personal data or information on your mobile phone, you need to learn to have better control over your phone’s privacy…
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5 Ways To Trace An Unknown Number


In today’s dynamic world, mobile technology is growing rapidly and has become an integral part of our lives. Although the usage has increased in the recent years but we can’t deny its increasing role in many criminal and illegal activities….
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How To Avoid Unwanted Calls


Most of our time, as a mobile user, goes into answering telemarketing calls or thinking about the ways to avoid them. We already get all those unwanted text messages from insurance companies to real estate or banks. Now the pesky…
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6 Tips to Avoid Phone Scams


In this era of fast-changing technology, scammers still depend on the good old means of calling people and dupe them into sharing their personal information. Scams are usually the fraud schemes and people are targeted through calls and  text messages on…
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