Practical Tips To Save Phone Battery


We are all familiar with the battery life of a typical smartphone. The AMOLED and LED displays of our smartphone drain out the battery faster than we can imagine. It becomes really difficult at times to get through the day with the limited phone battery. If you are a frequent traveler, you know how hard it is stretch the battery life as long as you can. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of practical tips that will go a long way in conserving your phone battery –

1. Stop using auto brightness feature

The display screen of mobile is number one culprit for draining battery. So adjust your display from phone settings and turn off the auto brightness or adaptive brightness feature. Manually set the brightness as per your choice and increase it whenever needed.

2. Set shortest screen timeout

The battery consumption will increase in the same proportion as you increase the screen timeout. Shorten the screen timeout so that you save the unnecessary wastage of battery.

3. Update apps manually

If you are travelling or need to elongate the battery life, then automatic updating of apps can pose a big problem. Before it happens and the update slowly drains out the juice, manage your auto update settings from the Play Store.

4. Turn off auto-sync

Auto-sync can be a trap especially when it updates every single Google account after every 15 minutes. To turn it off, go to the Google account settings and toggle it off for apps you don’t need to be updated. Instead you can sync when you are going to use a particular app rather than it getting updated multiple times in a day.

5. Use battery saving mode

Always use your battery save feature even if your smartphone does not have the best one. It can help a great deal in saving battery while your phone is on sleep mode.

6. Less widgets

Don’t let down by the widgets, especially by those which need constant internet connection such as weather widget. If you have more than one widget, remember that they are constantly updating and syncing that means draining a lot of battery. So ditch the widgets that you don’t need.

7. Turn off GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use

Turn off every single ‘network connectivity’ setting when not in need. Take control of your phone and turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and mobile data when you don’t need them. Also, turn off the location data. Never keep Wi-Fi and mobile data on at the same time. Also, if you have Wi-Fi connection at home, you can change your Wi-Fi setting to ‘Always on during sleep’ in your Android phone to save battery.

8. Lock screen notification

If your phone has AMOLED screen, then using lock screen notification will save the power. Every day we get a lot of notifications that are obsolete. In the case where screen is locked, notifications can still come up on the screen for quick glance without having to turn the complete phone screen on.

9. Turn off smart features

Turn off the smart features like gesture control, smart scrolling etc. unless you really need them.

10. Use dark colored wallpaper

Avoid fancy wallpapers. The live wallpapers should never be used as they drain out the phone battery faster than the rest. If your phone comes with an AMOLED display, then use dark colored wallpaper. For instance, black wallpaper will consume lesser battery as the unlit pixels in black wallpaper will hardly use any power.

11. Turn off vibrate mode

It takes more battery to vibrate the phone as compared to the ringing. So switch off the vibrate mode and better the battery life.

12. Cool it off

The cooler the temperature, the lesser battery will be used by your smartphone so keep it away from direct sunlight.


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