Things to Remember Before Selling Your Mobile Smartphone


Selling your old Smartphone? Take a pause and know about a few last things to do before you actually handover your phone to a new owner. Let us help you know what and how!

You want to sell off your old phone to someone but let’s face it. You can’t be sure about the person’s intention entirely. What you don’t know is that most of your phone’s data can still go into wrong hands if you don’t take preventive measures. An old phone, which is big on data and your personal records, needs to be wiped clean before saying it goodbye forever. There are people who might not only be looking for a cheap smartphone deal but the data that will come with it. So let us do a round up a few steps to take for your own security before you are ready to sell off your device –

  1. Back up the data

The first step to ensure your data safety is to back it up. The easiest way to do it is to simply transfer the phone data into your new device.

  • The data backup step is made simpler in Android smartphone. Android 5.0 Lollipop has this unique feature that facilitates easy transfer of the old phone’s data into new one right during the set up process.
  • Since most of your data like pictures, videos etc is stored on your SD card, you can simply remove it and store it as back up in your computer. If the phone doesn’t have memory card then the files can be transferred using USB cable. Transfer the data into your computer by easily dragging and dropping.
  • Contact transfer is never an issue with the sync facility. Since all the contacts are synced using your email address, they can be accessed on the new device just by adding the Google account info in your new device. To make sure that they are backed up, go to Settings, then click Accounts, go to Google Account, your email address and check if the “Contacts” are synced.
  • For deeper backup solutions, software like Carbon is a solid bet.


  1. Remove sim cards etc.

Since on most of the devices, contacts are stored in your SIM card or microSD cards, so it is important to remove all of these before selling your device. You don’t want to give your information to anyone so it is wise to exercise caution.

Even if you wish to give away your microSD card with your device, check it is backed up properly and then format it to clean it completely.

  1. Factory reset

This one is a no-brainer yet an absolute important step in ensuring that there is no turning back. Perform a factory reset and leave your worries behind forever. This one is an irreversible process and it must be done at any cost to ensure the safety of your data. It will erase every single thing on your device. Let’s see how to do it.

Head over to Backup & reset in the Settings of your device and look for the option Factory data reset. Enter the pin code if you have any. The process will start and will take a few minutes.

  1. Encryption

You have performed factory reset and you are done, your device looks new and started from the scratch just like it did for the first time. Still there is a faint chance that some of the data can still be recovered after factory reset. The fix is to encrypt the data before you perform factory reset. It will ensure no chances of data recovery unless there is some super hacker or extraordinary software to pull out the data, which in any case has close to zero chances.


You never know how trustworthy your buyer is but what you know is that you don’t want your security to be compromised. The above listed tips are enough to wipe your phone clean of any data. Still, if you want more sophisticated and in-depth cleaning, go for encryption process or use software like Carbon and Titanium Launcher to get your job done. It is sure way to know that your data is secure with you and your device is safe for selling.



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