Top 5 Android weather apps to stay updated about your local climate


Gone are the days when you had to wait for weather report during news on television sets or check it on your computer. The best thing about Android devices is delivering the updated weather information right on your handset. If you like to travel frequently or looking forward to, then these weather apps can really help you plan a trip without getting bothered later on. There is nothing better than a weather app on your Android phone that keeps you updated weather report of a particular place. Let us look at some of the best weather apps for Android that we have thoroughly tried and tested –

1. 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

Weather updates are very much part of our living. And in order to keep ourselves updated about them, we need an app which blends into our lives like all other aspects. 1Weather is that simple app that blends perfectly like other essential apps.

The application offers quick weather updates in a simpler widget. Also it offers a detailed data- both hourly and daily temperature updates. You can track and view weather updated for your favorite location by using “My Location” feature.

It has bright and colorful widgets and also monotone widgets, you can choose as per your liking. The app also gives additional updated information about wind speed, humidity, visibility, dew point, UV index and more.

The best part about the app, apart from its rich features, is that the app is free. It is also one of the best trending weather apps on Play Store.

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2. Dark Sky – Hyperlocal Weather

Do you want perfection from everything? Then you would also expect your weather app to tell you exact degree of temperature and that too on exact time. Dark Sky is the perfect answer for you. The app offers detailed, precise hourly weather updates and at the same time exact rainfall updates-ranging from low to high.

Probably this is the reason why the app is one of the most acclaimed apps on Android, which is as much popular amongst users as with the Editors. Just like the name of the app sounds poetic, the app justifies itself as a piece of art. Dark Sky is a well crafted app, with state of the art technology used to build it. It gives you weather info for week ahead hour by hour. Another best thing is that if it is going to rain in a few minutes, it will tell you so.

Though the app is free for basic use, but if your love for detailing surrounds you then they offer a premium version at a price of $3 an year.

Click here to download Dark Sky from Play Store >


3. AccuWeather

AccuWeather always ranks very much at the top of the charts. With around 50 million active users, the app is a superior choice with accurate delivery of forecasts. This is because AccuWeather is a comprehensive, know-it-all weather updates app. Not just updates, it will also give you weather forecasts.

From time-to-time updates, to minute wise precipitation details this app is a perfect choice for the lazy ones who decide to go with a plan on last minute that is why the app scores 4.3 stars out of 5 on Play Store. The radar feature with interactive Google Maps is especially awesome. Another amazing feature is that it can store unlimited number of locations and updates weather info every 15 minutes.

The sports enthusiasts can sport their Android bands and be updated about the weather, since the app supports Android Wear devices. The best thing is that AccuWeather is available on Android for free.

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4. The Weather Channel

The weather Channel is your all weather friend; we are calling it a friend because it will never leave your side whether corner of the globe you are in.  Available globally, The Weather Channel which was once weather updates website and is now also available on Android.

Beautiful display, simple to use, timely updates, whatever you name it the app will offer you with amazing range of features. The app has drastically changed (read improved) after its recent update. Everyone loves The Weather Channel that is why it boasts of whooping 5 million users.

You can get detailed forecasts, radar, wind forecast, alerts, weather channel videos and lot more on this app. The weather maps are interactive and graphically pleasing.

The app is available to users for free use, but it comes with ads. The brand also offers a paid version with a couple of more features and no ads at all.

Click here to download Weather Channel from Play Store >


5. Eye in the Sky Weather

Eye in the Sky Weather, keeps your eyes on your phone screens but keeps you updated about the topsy-turvy happenings happening over the sky. Built by CITC, the app is a top rated app amongst users. The beautiful looking interface displays a display of matte finesse.

Along with the attractive looks, the app is also a great buy for its features. Updates, forecasts, Extended Forecasts, the app has it all.

Available in up to 14 types of weather icons, the app is aesthetically quite pleasant. Also, a feature of DashClock extension has been recently added. You can even customize your own widgets and add your own icon sets.

Viewers have called it “Pretty  much perfect” and rated it 4.1 on Google Play Store, what can one say more about the app except what the app gives the users i.e. “Simple and beautiful weather”.

Click here to download Eye in the Sky Weather from Play Store >


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