Top 5 Creative Photo Editing Android Apps


Pictures tell stories; they are memories and also a way to express imagination individualistically. While painters did a pretty good job in olden days, I guess in the 21st century all we need is a few fantastic apps in our smart phones. Photo editing apps will let you beautify your images with different filters and also make over tools that will make you look nothing less than a star. With so many social networking sites and photographs being the major topics in the posts and feeds, editing apps are a craze. Keeping this in mind and help you understand a few of them, we have listed five android friendly photo editing apps.

1. Photo editor pro:

Photo editor pro is an app developed by Zentertain and is a photography app. It is known amongst android users for its amazing filters and editing effects.

The feature such as one tap auto enhances lets you click pictures which get automatically enhanced once clicked.

Along with cropping, rotating and adjusting the colour balance you can also this app to add stickers and other decorative items like frames etc. to your picture.

Add your own memes, create collage and get ready to share with the world with the share option linking you to almost all the major social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram etc.

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photo_editor_pro_android_app2. Cymera:

Cymera is a top rated photography app developed by SK communications. With this app you get picture makeover which when done will look like all but natural.

Take instant selfies with 130 different filters to choose from, instantly. The app provides you with 7 different types of lenses to make photography be even more fun and beautiful.

With features like anti shake, timer and touch shooting, you become your own photographer. Get yourself a collage with up to 9 grids and also blur the background if needed. Save your best snaps for snap chat and Facebook and share.

With the most varied and easy to use editing tools Cymera is one of the must have photo apps in your phone.

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cymera_android_app3. Instagram

Instagram is another top rated photography app developed by Instagram. It has a huge base of   users across the globe. When you install this app in your phone and join Insta (As they call it), you are joining a community of 500 million people who share their moments with each other.

Along with editing and posting pictures you can follow whoever you want. There are stars and personalities who have their Instagram accounts and you can look at what your favourite one is up to.

A very good platform to share and publicise photos as well. Let it be photos or videos, you can share it all on Instagram and also connect to other social networking sites like Tumblr and Facebook etc.

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instagram_for_photo_editing_android4. Prisma

One of the most sensational photo apps nowadays. How is this app any different from all the photo apps we have?

Prisma uses the styles of famous painters like van Gogh, Picasso and Leviton etc. it turns your photographs into art pieces. You will be surprised with the fresh new look and intensity of your plain picture after to apply the effects.

A definite star and a recommendation to be used by all photo maniacs.

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5. Beauty Plus

Another photography app that is a big time hit with android users. it has been developed by Meitu technologies and is one of the top rated photo editing apps.

It has worked with professional make-up artists to get the most flawless and beautiful make up looks for your picture and has evolved this app.

This app has selfie timer to help you get a hands free selfies. If you are in an area with the lights a little not in focus, do not worry, beauty plus adjust the light in low light areas automatically.

It has incorporated selfies videos and also magic brush which helps you add more charm to your photos. Explore and every time you do you will find yourself creating beautiful pictures.

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