Top Five Free Android Medical Apps

Health is wealth. We all got introduced to this famous proverb at some point of time in life. Keeping in mind your health requirements, let it be booking an appointment with a doctor, or a free consultation, or let it be finding out the causes and symptoms of a disease which has probably affected you or your loved ones and buying cheaper and safer drugs for well-being, we have listed five medical apps that will boost both your health and your phone’s smartness in being a smartphone.

1. Lybrate – Connect & cure

This app acts as a database of over 10, 00,000 doctors and specialists. How it works is as easy as abc. All you need to do is ask a question and you get multiple answers from the doctors within a matter of minutes.

You can consult a doctor through a chat or through video calling, exchange any reports or files and records, get prescriptions if the doctor thinks it is necessary.

It gets lot easier with home pick up available in multiple cities for lab tests. You can maintain your health records and also get your reports diagnosed by arranging for the lab pick up from various certified test labs and pathologies.

With the expert tips on your health in both Ayurveda and clinical treatments, this app is really helpful for everything related to your body’s well-being.

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2. 1mg -Save on lab test.

A doctor tells us what medicine would make us fit and fine, but we are very much curious to know what drug we are consuming. Awareness is very much important when taking medicines, as the wrong one can have fatal effects.

It gives you information about the composition of the medicine. If you type in the name of the medicine it gives you the name/s of cheaper substitutes for the same.

Over 100,000 medicines listed to know what would be their effect if consumed during pregnancy or lactation and if consumed with alcohol.

Free consultation with doctors all across India. Rated as one of the best “made in India” apps by Apple in the year 2014 and also have media coverage through channels like NDTV. Recognised in the health industry, an app that does more than its name.

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3. Med Life – Order medicines online

With online shopping all over, buying medicines online shouldn’t seem new to us. This app helps you order medicines with discounts and gives delivery within 24hours.

This app has been designed keeping in mind how difficult it becomes sometimes to get a medicine from a shop nearby. Most of the medical shops keep regular medicines and may not have what you want.

With med life app you can be rest assured that your medicine will be found here as they have a wide range of suppliers and professional pharmacists.

You can take a photo of your prescription and place an order through this app. You get notifications through messages on your phone. A dedicated customer care department for your queries.  With med life in your phone, life is better.

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4. Disease Dictionary – Self-diagnosis & care

Let’s you find out everything about your medical condition. While we recommend you to consult a specialist, this app is useful to understand the problem before you ignore.

It is an offline database of all the major medical diseases and conditions. Also gives you the cause, symptom and cure for the disease. The drug to be used in the prescription is provided in the treatment section of the app.

Health care professionals, nurses and medical students etc. can use this app.  This app also helps you with the side effects of the drugs mentioned as a treatment for various diseases. A really helpful app for individuals who like to be aware and medical students have a keen interest in medicine and diseases.

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5. Skin Diseases – Look & Feel Better

Face is what really requires and even grabs a lot of attention mostly. With skin being the largest organ on human body it is imperative to have a handy guide for any skin conditions or diseases.

Extensively covers up all the major skin diseases, their causes and symptoms.

The app provides ample images to understand the skin disease and relate better. Let it be eczema, vitiligo or hives, you can find the causes, symptoms and treatments on this app.

With some of the most common diseases like pimples and acne, the app lists and explains the most horrid ones as well. Take care of your skin with this app in your phone.

Click here to download Skin Diseases from Play Store >


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